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Kidding and Lambing in Cold Weather

Cold weather is upon us, with kidding and lambing season close behind. Newborn kids and lambs often need additional protection from the weather. The following is recommended:

  • Shelter should be at least three-sided for wind protection.

  • Wood shavings are good bedding in the summer months, but straw is preferable in the winter to allow nesting and warmth.

  • Compromised or orphaned newborns may need a heat lamp to keep warm until activity level and appetite normalize.

While many producers pay close attention to providing adequate protection from cold, it is also important to focus on hygiene. It is easy for parasites, especially coccidia, to build-up in shelters that house young animals. Make sure that bedding is clean, dry, and replaced regularly. Remove fecal material from shelters and clean surfaces when possible.

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