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Hoof Trimming and Other New Services Offered By Our Cattle Health Technician

We are happy to announce that hoof trimming services provided by our Cattle Health Technician, Darin Durham, are fully up and running. Over the past year, Darin has received many weeks of intense training with experienced hoof trimmers, including trips to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to gain experience. He has been trimming hooves for

our local dairies while continuing to hone his skills and has become masterful at both routine maintenance trimming, as well as addressing lame cow issues. We are able to haul our hydraulic tilt table to you to safely examine feet with minimal stress to the cow.

Routine hoof trimming is an important part of cow comfort for dairy cattle. It is also used on beef bulls in larger herds prior to breeding season, to minimize the risk of lameness impacting breeding performance. Show cattle may benefit from trimming prior to show season. Darin also provides hoof trimming services for small ruminants, including sheep, goats and alpacas.

When you call us regarding a lame cow, in most cases we will send our Cattle Health Technician out with the hoof table to address the issue. This reduces cost to the client and

we are often able to work a technician visit into the schedule faster than a vet visit. When the occasion arises that additional veterinary intervention is needed, the technician will telehealth with the veterinarian and a follow-up veterinary visit will be scheduled if needed.

Our Cattle Health Technician also provides artificial insemination services for cattle. He provides cattle handling support, such as operating a squeeze chute or administering vaccines or synchronization drugs, for clients who need assistance working cattle. We are very fortunate to have this talented and hard-working individual as part of our team and pleased to be able to offer a more complete array of cattle health services to support your herd!

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