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Ensuring Service Continuity During Challenging Times

Old Dominion Veterinary Services is dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care for area livestock while working through challenges of inflation, fuel prices and supply chain disruptions.

As a result, we are making three changes to improve operations while controlling costs for our clients, who we know are dealing with the same challenges.

  1. Shipping Charges. We are passing on new shipping charges from our distributors for drop-ship medication orders under $200. Planning ahead and combining drug orders will help reach the minimum or arranging to have medication shipped to us for drop off or pick up may allow you to bypass these charges.

  2. Temporary Fuel Surcharge. We will implement a temporary fuel surcharge of $10 per farm visit effective July 15, 2022. We hope to remove the charge once gas falls back below $4 per gallon.

  3. Discounts for Credit Card on File. Effective August 1, 2022, we are offering an opportunity for clients to keep a credit card on file to be used at the time of service. Clients who select this option will receive a blanket 5% discount on their entire invoice. This will help us reduce administrative expenses and we are excited to pass this savings on to our clients. We will continue to mail or email a detailed invoice for your records. Please contact the office by phone or text at (804) 876-0370 or email at to opt into this program.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with you through these unusual and challenging times. Our primary goal is to keep your farms operating smoothly and profitably as we navigate these changing circumstances.

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