• Bom Harris, DVM

Calves, Kids and Lambs: Supplies Needed to Assist with Birthing

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Spring calving is underway and lambing/kidding season is not far behind. While we hope for an uneventful season with minimal assisted births, here is a list of supplies that are important to have on hand for normal deliveries, as well as the unexpected.

Basic supplies:

  • Iodine for dipping navels

  • Colostrum replacer

  • Bottle and nipple

  • Restraint method for dam if assistance is needed - headgate, halter, ropes.

  • Clean towels for dam and baby

  • Flashlight

  • Thermometer

  • Veterinarian’s phone number

Advanced supplies (for more experienced producers):

  • OB sleeves, lube, chains, handles and a bucket for disinfection. Protect yourself from serious illness by wearing gloves and washing hands and arms thoroughly after contacting reproductive fluids.

  • Ear tags if tagging at birth

  • Bands if banding calves at birth

  • Selenium (prescription): Virginia soil is selenium deficient and it is common practice to give injectable selenium at birth to calves, lambs, and kids.

  • Tube for tube feeding

  • Calf catcher - can increase producer safety when tagging calves at birth

  • Vaccines - if recommended by your veterinarian

  • Prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, steroids, or oxytocin, may be practical to have on hand depending on the size of your herd and your relationship with your veterinarian.

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